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This is a Hybrid MOI Course. Students will complete assignments online and attend zoom meetings on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 6 pm-10 pm.


Successful completion of this Online MOI Course is a pre-requisite for certification as an Alaska EMT Instructor. 


In conjunction with the week one MOI or similar MOI course, this week-long course provides the knowledge necessary to qualify an individual to become a State of Alaska EMT 1, 2, 3, or AEMT instructor.  In order to qualify for this course a person must have the following credentials or certifications.

-The student must document having three years of experience(either past certification cards or letter from their chief or medical director)
-Certified to practice EMS at any level, national or state.
certified at the level the appropriate level (EMT 1, 2, and 3 can teach EMT 1 or ETTs, MICP and AEMTs can teach all levels.)
-Successfully complete the MOI course or its equivalent (Fire MOI 1 or 2 or you hold a bachelors in education) 
-Provide evidence of CPR instructor unless the state grants a waiver based on evidence that CPR taught as part of an EMS certification course will be taught by a valid CPR instructor credential.
If you have any questions please contact Ashley Christenson, Training Coordinator at 456-3978

Please enter the FNSB Department you are affiliated with in the Notes section.

The State of Alaska EMS Instructor Transition course has three parts. At its completion,  you will be certified as a transitioned instructor and able to teach the new Scope of Practice (2019) courses for your level of Instruction.  You will need your current Instructor Certification number to register.

This course you are registering for covers the first part of the 3 parts of the Alaska EMS Instructor transition. 

Part One: Pre-course assignments conducted by the student through the state-provided Moodle platform. **All Instructors must complete the Basic Instructor Rollout Moodle modules. Qualified Instructors that wish to certify as an Advanced Instructor must also complete the Advanced Instructor Moodle Module. Instructions on how to register for these courses will be provided in your course registration confirmation email.

Part Two:  Virtual didactic training with Train the Trainers from the Implementation Task Force.  Contact the regions for dates of this session.

Part Three- Basic: Hands-on skills sessions for EMS Basic Instructors to understand new skills and medications, demonstration on how to teach new skills and have the skills evaluated. This part will be offered separately and will be required to complete certification for EMS Basic Instructors. Contact the regions for dates of this session.

Part Three- Advanced: Q & A session on the new medications, skills and other information to successfully teach the EMT 2,3 and AEMT courses.  Currently, this is optional, may be required in the future. Contact the regions for dates of this session.

Alaska Instructor Transition Course Objectives:

  1. Demonstrate competency of 2019 Scope of Practice Skills for Qualified Instructor level (Basic or Advanced).
  2. Demonstrate competency teaching 2019 Scope of Practice Skill at the appropriate qualified Instructor Level (Basic or Advanced)
  3. List an EMS student's pre/post requirements for the EMS courses found in the regulations.
  4. Understand the role of the skills portfolio.
  5. Understand the role of the Instructor in the Assessment based testing process.

This is Part 3 of the Instructor Transition Course. This course is a hands-on skills session and check-off to ensure the instructor is competent and comfortable with the new EMT 1 skills and medications of the 2019 scope of practice changes. 

The student must be able to show proof of completion of Part 1 and 2 of the Alaska Instructor Transition course during registration.  You will also need to provide your current EMT instructor number during the registration process.

Students will be assigned a skill to teach the rest of the class upon registration. 

If you are wishing to participate via zoom, you will need to have access to all of the equipment necessary.


This course is Part 2  of the Instructor Transition course to the 2019 scope of practice changes. 

Part Two: 

  • Overview of all levels of EMS certifications, including the new Alaska AEMT certification
  • Overview of the Skills Portfolio’s role in the classroom
  •  Introduction to the proposed new testing process.

Note: Those Advanced Instructors that also want to teach at the AK-AEMT level will be required to take a separate synchronized Zoom meeting.

Students must show proof of completion of Part 1 during registration.

We will be utilizing the zoom platform for this course. A invite will be sent to you a day before the class.