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This course will enable a person to teach all of The AHA BLS and HeartSaver CPR and First Aid courses.  If you are taking it to become a Heartsaver only instructor, you will only be able to teach heartsaver classes.

First consideration will be given to applicants who belong to a FNSB department. All other applicants must call IREMSC prior to online registration. While there is no cost to FNSB students those not affiliated with an approved department will be charged a fee. Please call our office for more information at 456-3978 and ask for the training coordinator.

By submitting your registration you are confirming that you have a current CPR card, 10 documented patient contacts, and 10 documented venipunctures, which you must bring with you on the first day of class.  

The course is designed to be an intensive learning experience. It is expected that you are proficient with EMT skills and knowledge prior to entering this training program as there will be no review of EMT skills or knowledge during this class.

Successful completion of this Online MOI Course is a pre-requisite for certification as an Alaska EMT Instructor. 


In conjunction with the week one MOI or similar MOI course, this week-long course provides the knowledge necessary to qualify an individual to become a State of Alaska EMT 1, 2, 3, or AEMT instructor.  In order to qualify for this course a person must have the following credentials or certifications.

-The student must document have three years of experience(either past certification cards or letter from their chief or medical director)
-Certified to practice EMS at any level, national or state.
certified at the level the appropriate level (EMT 1, 2, and 3 can teach EMT 1 or ETTs, MICP and AEMTs can teach all levels.)
-Successfully complete the MOI course or its equivalent (Fire MOI 1 or 2 or you hold a bachelors in education) 
-Provide evidence of CPR instructor unless the state grants a waiver based on evidence that CPR taught as part of an EMS certification course will be taught by a valid CPR instructor credential.
If you have any questions please contact Ashley Christenson, Training Coordinator at 456-3978